Friday, June 6, 2014

!!!!Spirit Club!!!!!

Where we were once a program spread out over 5 sites throughout our large city, this year we will all come together at one site! We will now be what I consider a "school" and I'm super excited about it! Since my school is not attached to a high school we do miss out on a lot of fun school spirit building activities like sporting events, assemblies, and fun crazy days that the kids enjoy. This coming year each teacher in my program has been asked to put together and help on a committee of some sort. Our program is growing so fast that it is more than our office staff can handle on their own anymore. Since I didn't want to be put, asked, or arm twisted on to a committee not of my choosing, I decided to start my own. So, here's to the newly formed SPIRIT CLUB COMMITTEE! I would like to get another teacher and hopefully a few aides involved as well. My plan so far is for us, along with any students who want to join our club, to meet every two weeks to talk about and plan the following activities.
  • Dances, Speakers and Events
  • Last Friday of the month student award assemblies
  • Spirit Days (crazy hat, sports day, pajama day etc...)
  • Fundraisers 
  • Canned Food Drive
  • School T-Shirt Days
I have been searching the internet for ideas and boy are there some great ones out there! Are there any really fun things your school does that you could share? I would LOVE and appreciate anything you have!!

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