Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Buying Gifts

Tuesdays we always work on money skills. Today I thought we would stray away from the counting coins/making change stuff we have been working on and do something a little more exciting. I put together this fun worksheet on buying gifts and gave the kids each a Walmart and a Target ad to use for cutting and pasting.  They really did a fantastic job!  Some of them were pretty funny.  We tried helping them along letting them know that maybe there was a better gift beside shampoo for your sister graduation. One of my young men even pasted a fruit platter on his page for a "neighbors housewarming". Another sweet girl cut out a 18 pack of bud light for "Your cousins wedding". Me and my aide were going over and over with her (she was adamant) asking if she really thought a case a beer was a good gift to take to a wedding which she responded "You didn't go to MY cousins wedding!" Guess you can't argue with that!   

You could do a price limit if you wanted, but since the pickings were kind of slim I decided against it for us. Here is a finished worksheet that one of my boys did.  From start to finish it took about 40 minutes for most of them. If you're interested in this worksheet, you can find a copy free over at my TPT store under "Buying Gifts"!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

We're Almost There

I am spending my weekend getting my students morning folders ready for the next TWO months. Normally what happens each month is another teacher calls or emails me on the last day of the month asking for a copy and I, procrastinator that I am, CANNOT believe the month is already over! Basically, I haven't even started them!  Last Thursday, (the 20th) a teacher asked me if she could pick up her March copy the next day.  "Wait, I still have 8 more days (is what I was thinking)!" I told her I was "putting the finishing touches on it" (small fib), and told her she would have it by Monday.  Now I completely understand that those I love sharing with don't really appreciate having to put together 12, 30 page folders the actual morning they need them.  So back to my weekend.  I decided to be productive, to work ahead for a change and whip out TWO months at once!  Imagine the shock tomorrow when I hand them BOTH March and April's work packets!!  
So, While sitting here yesterday making up some final worksheets it dawns on me, we will only have one month left before summer after the kids finish these folders! Where has the year gone? You see, I don't particularly care for summer break. Have I ever mentioned that I live in a virtual oven from May to October? Now for all my fellow teachers with husbands and kids and vacation plans I completely understand your need for it and will try to embrace it AGAIN just for you.  

 I have a few small trips planned before summer this year, so chances of getting out of town to cooler climates during the broil is probably out.  I'll try to plan that better next summer!

I hope you all have an amazing week with your kidoes!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Weekly Newsletter (update)

I was so determined this year to keep up on the weekly newsletter I put together at the end of school last year.  But.... I am having a TERRIBLE time remembering to do it! I don't know what it is, but next thing I know it's Wednesday, and it never went out :-( This week I am going to try something new.  Instead of the kids writing a morning message on Mondays, I am going to have them fill in this blank newsletter to send home to mom and dad. It pretty much covers everything they need to know.  What are we doing this week.  Do I need money.  Reminders (have permission slip signed, wear socks Thursday) and upcoming events.  My fingers are crossed!

Have a great 4 day week,

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Valentines Day

Tomorrow is Valentines Day and we have been talking all week about it. The kids are super excited! We (I say that loosely) put together these chocolate kiss roses throughout the day today (they were a little more difficult for them then I was hoping).  The kids will each have 5 roses to pass out to anyone they want tomorrow. It's going to take a lot of guts for some of my kids, especially my boys.  I am sure there will be a little encouraging, and we will probably start out with passing some out to the secretaries. We have been practicing saying "Happy Valentines Day" all week, so I just know they are going to do an amazing job. 

Happy Valentines Day to you and your class!

Friday, February 7, 2014

Sweetheart Funsheet

Boy am I ready for this three day weekend! 

I had all these plans of taking pics of the kids working on this Sweetheart funsheet next Friday so i could share it with you, but after thinking about, I figured that wouldn't give anyone else a chance to use it. So, here it is.  If you would like a copy they are FREE over at my TPT store.  Just follow the link below.  Enjoy your weekend!


Thursday, February 6, 2014

More Activity Boxes!

 I was looking through my activity boxes today making sure they were fully stocked and realized that I hadn't shown these three yet.  I found this first one here on Pinterest.  I went on Ebay and bought a "lot" of letters.  I think there was something like 500!  So far this is all I have done with them.  This box has pictures of everyday things that start with each letter of the alphabet.  It also has two of each letter, one upper and one lowercase, that go with each picture for the students to match. 
This box has the students practicing their cutting skills. The kids seem to really enjoy this one.  There are three pages stapled together. It starts off pretty easy with straight lines.  Then it moves on to curved line and lastly zig zag. The biggest problem with this is they try to go really fast which makes it really messy. It takes a bit of practice but I see them getting better already.
If you are not familiar with Adaptive Tasks activities on TPT you need to be.  I recently bought this one and another one on making pizza (I haven't found time to laminate those).  The kids love this box!  First they need to put the sandwiches together according to the chart (bread, mayo, cheese, meat, lettuce onion etc).  Once all the sandwiches are made they need to pack the lunches.  I added bags to the box for them to put the completed lunches in (sandwich, cookies, drink, chips etc). I am not doing this activity justice so I suggest you check it out for yourself. Here is the link.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Salt & Pepper Filling Activity Box

 We added this new activity box to our classroom a few weeks ago.  We have had students in the past who have done job site training at a pizza place.  Part of their job was to be responsible for filling the salt and pepper shakers.  I bought the these shakers at the Dollar Tree (2 for a dollar).  
The large salt container will fill 9 shakers so that is the amount we went for.  I have been sitting with the kids the first time they do this activity so we can be very clear about the directions and the "fill line".  It's actually kind of cute to watch them try to remove the funnel when they over fill it.  They just know it's going to go all over, lol.  Hence why we pour over a plate.  After the shakers have been filled and the lids tightened, the students have to pour the ingredients back into the original containers. 
I have the worksheet available in my store free of charge if you are interesting in making a box for your classroom.  I keep this sheet laminated inside the activity box. Here is the link: