Thursday, March 10, 2016

No Bully Zone

For St. Patrick's Day I though it would be really cute for my kids to pass out these No Bully signs to the other students in our program. Of course I'm not thinking at the time that there are 150 kids in my program and this might be a little more time consuming than I had wished. Or the fact that I have very few kids who can cut well with scissors. I found the rainbow part on line and cut and pasted it into my circle and added the words. They had the words as well but it was easier to shape it doing it myself. I was able to get 4 per page and printed them in color on cardstock. 

Today we started the task of cutting and taping them to a St. Patrick's pencil from the Dollar Tree. With free printing in the office, the whole project only cost me 12 dollars in pencils! With kids and my aides cutting today, and a group of us taping, we were able to finish about 50 of them. So glad we started early!