Wednesday, October 17, 2012

ChickFilA Menu

 My laptop is down so I have not been able to post anything!!!  Worse than that, I can't even create when I am at home (and I like to create when I am at home).  I have been staying late at work trying to fulfill at least a few of the commitments I gave myself concerning my blog and my store.  Hopefully I will get my computer back soon!!

 I had a request in my store the other day for additional menu math pages from different restaurants. Since I do love making these, here is one for ChickFilA.  It really helps when a web page has great graphics, and these were some of the best.  Hope you can use them.

Sorry for the layout of this.  I guess one big long line of worksheets is better than nothing at all.  Right?

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Birthday Cupcakes

Every year in the past I have provided all of my students with cupcakes on their birthday.  This year I thought it would be fun to allow two of the students to decorate the cupcakes for their classmates birthday.  Today was our second birthday of the school year, and cupcake decorating is NOT that easy for my kids!  We used butter knives last time, and what a mess!  They kept lifting the knife which kept pulling the top off the cupcakes and mixing cake with frosting, ugh.  This time I tried a piping bags with not much more success.  They were absolutely adorable tho!  I had to help towards the end and wish I had taken a picture of them before.  I think next birthday we may try dipping the cupcakes in a thinner frosting!  They are having a great time and really look forward to their turn in helping with their friends parties!