Friday, October 30, 2015

Community Based Instruction Idea List

Happy Halloween!! We had a "Harvest Festival" today to celebrate the occasion! There was a pumpkin decorating contest (we won the prize for cutest), face painting, a costume contest and lots and lots of dancing! It's hard to believe that we have 3 more weeks of work before the Thanksgiving break, then only 3 more weeks of work until Winter break. The year is just flying by!

I get a lot of emails asking for ideas on where I take our kids for CBI. Last night after answering another email I figured it might help out more folks if I posted the list I use, and linked it to the blog. These are the places in my community that I try to hit each school year. I understand that you may not have all of them where you live, and in all actuality you may have tons more if you live in a bigger city. Last year we were able to get to all of them except 5. Remember, we go out twice a week so it's not that difficult for me to achieve.

Here's the full list -----> CBI Idea List

I hope this helps!

Have a great Halloween,

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Free Resources

Hi guys! Yesterday I used the last of my fire safety goodies I had ordered from the FEMA website a couple years ago, so I headed over to order more for next year before I forgot about it! I didn't know if you guys were taking advantage of these freebies on-line so thought I would share with you some things that I have found and order for my classroom.

FEMA has some great stuff I use every year. Unfortunately they don't seem to be giving out the cute fire safety activity books I usually order, but you can still download it and print the pages yourself HERE. There is some other cool stuff you can order though. There is a limit of 25 per person per year. I usually order the full 25, that way I don't have to order every year.

Here's the link

Here's what I ordered this year:
Is Your Home Fire Safe? Door Knob Hanger has a lot of resources as well. I love this calendar they have. It gives links to different resources throughout the year .Calendar | Teachers |

I also found this really great PowerPoint presentation on first aid the other day that I plan on using with my kids in the coming weeks. It's long, so I will probably split it into 3 classes.
Scroll down and click where it says "Basic First Aid for Youth Presentation ages 8-10, then click "access digital presentations" it will be the second one on the list.

I used to order a ton of stuff from the Food Pyramid people, but I think almost any of their things now are digital. I printed out 5 of the sheets the other day and we went over them as a class. Here's the link: Parents & Educators | Choose MyPlate

Hope you can use some of these resources. Feel free to post any others you're willing to share :-)

ps... I ordered a bunch of cool stuff on clearance from Oriental Trading last week! I'll share when I get them!