Sunday, February 23, 2014

We're Almost There

I am spending my weekend getting my students morning folders ready for the next TWO months. Normally what happens each month is another teacher calls or emails me on the last day of the month asking for a copy and I, procrastinator that I am, CANNOT believe the month is already over! Basically, I haven't even started them!  Last Thursday, (the 20th) a teacher asked me if she could pick up her March copy the next day.  "Wait, I still have 8 more days (is what I was thinking)!" I told her I was "putting the finishing touches on it" (small fib), and told her she would have it by Monday.  Now I completely understand that those I love sharing with don't really appreciate having to put together 12, 30 page folders the actual morning they need them.  So back to my weekend.  I decided to be productive, to work ahead for a change and whip out TWO months at once!  Imagine the shock tomorrow when I hand them BOTH March and April's work packets!!  
So, While sitting here yesterday making up some final worksheets it dawns on me, we will only have one month left before summer after the kids finish these folders! Where has the year gone? You see, I don't particularly care for summer break. Have I ever mentioned that I live in a virtual oven from May to October? Now for all my fellow teachers with husbands and kids and vacation plans I completely understand your need for it and will try to embrace it AGAIN just for you.  

 I have a few small trips planned before summer this year, so chances of getting out of town to cooler climates during the broil is probably out.  I'll try to plan that better next summer!

I hope you all have an amazing week with your kidoes!


  1. Hi Karen! Way to go with getting ahead! I constantly struggle with that! I'm interested in knowing more about your morning folders - how you set them up, what goes in them, etc. Have you posted about them before?

  2. Hi, I have mentioned them in the past a couple times. If you type in "folders" in my search box it will give you a few of them. Basically, my morning are pretty chaotic. The kids arrive sporadically over a 45 minute period starting at 7:40. Then some have jobs, some need to eat, so to try to do a lesson before we have our arranged activity at 9:15 is impossible to say the least. What they do now is grab their folders as soon as they get to class. They work on one lesson per day inside their folders. Some even have to finish after their lunch but they really enjoy the lessons and never complain. They are functional academics and each month consists of money, time, calendar, measuring, math, language arts, holiday fun stuff etc. You can see the example above of what we will be doing in March and April. I can send you a couple of the examples we are doing this month if you like. Just email me at Karen

  3. Hi Karen! I have to say I am a little obsessed with your site now that I have found it! I am loving your morning calendar. I teach middle school essential skills. Like RTotty, I struggle with getting ready ahead of time. I, too, am going to email you about this topic. I love how you have it planned out.

  4. Hi Anne, I am glad you found me too :-) I absolutely love my morning folders. It frees me up in the morning instead of having to do a lesson as soon as the kids get there, especially since they don't all arrive at the same time. I will email you some stuff!