Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Salt & Pepper Filling Activity Box

 We added this new activity box to our classroom a few weeks ago.  We have had students in the past who have done job site training at a pizza place.  Part of their job was to be responsible for filling the salt and pepper shakers.  I bought the these shakers at the Dollar Tree (2 for a dollar).  
The large salt container will fill 9 shakers so that is the amount we went for.  I have been sitting with the kids the first time they do this activity so we can be very clear about the directions and the "fill line".  It's actually kind of cute to watch them try to remove the funnel when they over fill it.  They just know it's going to go all over, lol.  Hence why we pour over a plate.  After the shakers have been filled and the lids tightened, the students have to pour the ingredients back into the original containers. 
I have the worksheet available in my store free of charge if you are interesting in making a box for your classroom.  I keep this sheet laminated inside the activity box. Here is the link:  

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