Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Buying Gifts

Tuesdays we always work on money skills. Today I thought we would stray away from the counting coins/making change stuff we have been working on and do something a little more exciting. I put together this fun worksheet on buying gifts and gave the kids each a Walmart and a Target ad to use for cutting and pasting.  They really did a fantastic job!  Some of them were pretty funny.  We tried helping them along letting them know that maybe there was a better gift beside shampoo for your sister graduation. One of my young men even pasted a fruit platter on his page for a "neighbors housewarming". Another sweet girl cut out a 18 pack of bud light for "Your cousins wedding". Me and my aide were going over and over with her (she was adamant) asking if she really thought a case a beer was a good gift to take to a wedding which she responded "You didn't go to MY cousins wedding!" Guess you can't argue with that!   

You could do a price limit if you wanted, but since the pickings were kind of slim I decided against it for us. Here is a finished worksheet that one of my boys did.  From start to finish it took about 40 minutes for most of them. If you're interested in this worksheet, you can find a copy free over at my TPT store under "Buying Gifts"!

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