Thursday, February 6, 2014

More Activity Boxes!

 I was looking through my activity boxes today making sure they were fully stocked and realized that I hadn't shown these three yet.  I found this first one here on Pinterest.  I went on Ebay and bought a "lot" of letters.  I think there was something like 500!  So far this is all I have done with them.  This box has pictures of everyday things that start with each letter of the alphabet.  It also has two of each letter, one upper and one lowercase, that go with each picture for the students to match. 
This box has the students practicing their cutting skills. The kids seem to really enjoy this one.  There are three pages stapled together. It starts off pretty easy with straight lines.  Then it moves on to curved line and lastly zig zag. The biggest problem with this is they try to go really fast which makes it really messy. It takes a bit of practice but I see them getting better already.
If you are not familiar with Adaptive Tasks activities on TPT you need to be.  I recently bought this one and another one on making pizza (I haven't found time to laminate those).  The kids love this box!  First they need to put the sandwiches together according to the chart (bread, mayo, cheese, meat, lettuce onion etc).  Once all the sandwiches are made they need to pack the lunches.  I added bags to the box for them to put the completed lunches in (sandwich, cookies, drink, chips etc). I am not doing this activity justice so I suggest you check it out for yourself. Here is the link.


  1. Today, I was searching Teachers Pay Teachers for some items about Menu Math -- WOW! You have amazing items! Then I came to your blog and it is like you have answered all of my prayers in one location. Thank you for introducing me to Adaptive Tasks as well. Now that I have discovered you, I will be a frequent visitor (and shopper).

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