Sunday, June 1, 2014

Danger Signs Wheel

ESY starts tomorrow at my school.  Even though I teach the same subjects during ESY that I do during the regular school year, I try to make it a little more fun for the kids (and myself, who am I kidding). Here is a fun danger sign activity we are going to start the day off with tomorrow.  Since the majority of my kids are non-readers it's important to familiarize them with signs they may see that tell them there is a risk of danger. For better quality I suggest you print the pages onto card stock.  After cutting out the three circles, students can color the cover page and put the wheel together using a metal brad. If you interested in a copy, you can find it over in my TPT store!


  1. That is too cute! My students would totally love this when we do our safety sign unit!



    1. Thanks Jenn! Your blog looks great! Don't we have the best job in the world? Have you figured how to turn the pics yet on your blog? I used to have a problem with that too, lol.