Sunday, June 22, 2014

Dollar-Up Activity Book

 Here is a fun activity book that can be put together for the kids to practice the dollar-up method. My kids actually got pretty good with this last year. Since we work on money weekly, I always throw in a few minutes of dollar-up practice at the end. The majority of my kids really struggle with coins, and this method has proven to be very helpful for them. This activity book can be put together in about an hour. It has ten activity pages where the students will Velcro the correct dollar amount showing how much they would need to pay for each purchase.
You can find this product here


  1. Do you have a sample goal that you would use for this method?

  2. We use the Siras program for our IEP's. There are 7 goals we can choose from regarding this method. The two I use most often are "show or tell how many dollars are needed to purchase an item, using "next dollar" strategy" and "use "next dollar" strategy to make a purchase". Hope this helps.

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