Saturday, June 21, 2014

Classroom Videos

I love using videos in the classroom. It's a nice break for me and I'm sure the kids like the change of getting to hear someone else talk for a while instead of me. Besides the "Mary Series" which I love, and spoke about HERE, I have had a hard time finding videos that are for one age appropriate and second affordable. I have seen 30 minutes videos for around $300.00! Where in a teachers budget is that kind of money supposed to come from? I recently found these videos on Amazon from Trevor Romain. His website doesn't appear to be working at the time but I did find them on amazon for cheaper than I paid.
His videos run anywhere from $2.00 + shipping up to $25.00. We watched both of these videos, bullies and taking care of your body during ESY. They are cartoons but trevor is not and interacts with the cartoon kids throughout the video. I did stop each of the videos a couple times during play to talk to the kids and ask them questions to make sure they were following along. Both of these videos really kept their attention and I think they were a great find especially considering the cost.

I purchased these Disney Videos a few years ago and they are really good for a 25 minute break. I mean you can't go wrong with Bill Nye the Science Guy! My kids got really into the fire one on Friday when we watched it. Fire is so fascinating and we got a lot of ooooooh's an aaaaaaah's from them. After the video we spent time also talking about the dangers of fire and how we should never play with it. He also has one on germs and your health that I hope to pick up next year. These videos can also be found on Amazon for around $10.00 each.
These are great and affordable video's from Attainment Company. I have had these for a couple years and for only $39.00 each they are a great addition to my library!   

Here are three new videos I have purchased over the last few months. We haven't had a chance to view them yet, but I am hoping they fit well into my curriculum. So, that's it for my video library. If anyone else has some good affordable videos they would like to share I would love to hear about them too!


  1. I have recently purchased rock n learn videos. my students are 7th - 12th graders and they all loved them. They are about $20 a piece on the website, but I have found them cheaper through a company that comes to our teacher's lounge a few times a year. They are about $10 through them.

  2. Yes!! I have purchased the Human Body and the one on Money since posting this. They love them!!!