Saturday, June 28, 2014

Reading Aloud

Yesterday was the end to another amazing year with my kids. I had two of my girls graduate this year, and two of my boys will be moving to other classrooms in the fall which leaves me with 4 incoming freshman in August (which I love). I have been thinking a lot about what worked this year and what I might just want to change. One of the things I would like to do is have a designated reading time. The majority of my kids are non-readers but every week when we are at the computer lab I will get a couple of them to sit with me on the couch and I will read books to them from our library. They really love listening to the stories. The books we have are very much for a small child and even though my kids love to hear them I would like to get some that have more substance but will still hold their attention. I came across these books the other day on Amazon. I am wondering if they would be engaging enough for my kids? I would love to know if anyone has read these book and frankly if the're any good. It seems there are a ton to choose from and it would be like getting a history lesson as well. Please send me your thoughts, and again thank you!


  1. I have one of those and hope to try it this year too! I might do it similar to last year, which kept my kids engazged (I have 7th gr-21yrs)
    I did chapter books for the first time this year, modeled after this:
    We did Henry & Mudge first, to try it. I leveled it...non-readers got pictures to choose from and cut/paste, low readers had fill in the blank, and higher readers had fill in the blank and sentences. They loved it and aced the Chapter quizzes and AR test! It was the first time many of them 'read' a chapter book.
    Then we read The Chocolate Touch, in the same fashion, but added smartboard activities for sequencing, voacb, etc.

    1. Wow Lacey, you have a wide range of kids there! I love her stuff over there at spedventures! I will look into doing that. I went ahead a did a Donors Choose to get about 20 of these books after going to Barnes and Noble and checking them out. I am hoping the kids love them! Thanks for the comment!