Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Postcard Exchange

 I signed up to do a post card exchange back in August and have been so excited for it to get started.  There are 30 different classrooms in my group from all different parts of the United States.  I even have recruited some of my friends who live in other states to participate because I figure more is better, right?  We had until the end of October and it appears I am not the only one who waited till the last minute since I haven't received a single on yet!  Since my students are very basic writers we had the help of a couple aides and even the school psychologist stopped by to help us fill some out (the kids did the stamps).  I have had this area of my wall ready since before the kids started.  I want to tack the postcard on the wall than run a string to the map where it came from.  I will post again when the postcards all arrive!!


  1. I would love to participate with my many life skills students! Any way we can join in too? I am a speech-language pathologist and MS/HS on Long Island, NY.

  2. I think this one is finished Sasha. The cut off date was back in August. If I hear of another one I will let you know.

  3. This is a cool idea!! Sasha I live in Nebraska and would be interested in doing an exchange with you.