Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Folding 101

I try not to post everyday so that I can bank posts up in case I ever run out of things to say.  But, when a girls got something to share, A GIRLS GOT SOMETHING TO SHARE!  So, I have been thinking about putting together some folding activities for my classroom and slowly this year I have been buying things to add to it.  I FINALLY bought the last few items I needed and today in class I introduced it to the kids. Meet my folding activities!

 Socks~  I added some of my old socks that looked pretty new and bought some new ones to add as well. I bought 4 different styles of white ones to make it a bit more difficult.  After they matched we worked on folding them into themselves.

Towels~ I have 4 of each, bath towels, hand towels and washcloths. We pretty much folded in half, in half, in half.  The kids did great and some had to really concentrate to get them neat.

T-Shirts~  I bought 9 t-shirts from a local t-shirt store in our town.  I did 3 white, 3 grey and 3 black.  This way after folding they could group them by color.  We had 3 students at each table and rotated the baskets every 10 minutes.  

The month of waiting to get it all together was well worth the wait.  The kids were really engaged. Even my two autistic boys, who I usually have a hard time getting interested in activities, were folding right along with the others.  I love when something comes together as planned!


  1. Love these activities! I have my students fold/match baby socks as one of our TEACCH boxes. And our students actually do the laundry for the PE rentals for our school. I have never thought about towels though - and Menards sometimes has the small ones free after rebate, so I'll have to do that next time. Thanks so much for sharing your great ideas!!!

  2. Your welcome, I was surprised how much the kids actually like folding!

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