Saturday, October 26, 2013

Body Boundaries

I hope everyone had an exciting week!  We had a two hour late start on Tuesday so didn't get to have a community outing this week :-(  My class also changed our job site this week. We were working at a pizza place but are now working at the local city collage in the snack bar taking out trash and cleaning tables. Have I told you how much my kids love going to their job sites?  I have one students who is working at Subways with another teacher and he takes his job very seriously.  He gets to wear a Subways shirt and hat and is such a hard worker.  We also resumed our electives this Friday and it went very well.  Each teacher (sometimes 2) had to pick an elective to teach.  We ended up with some great ones, photography, cooking, sign language, leadership, fitness, and drawing among a few.  I love the fact that I get to get acquainted with other kids who I didn't know. We also worked on our body boundaries. Here is the worksheet we used.  I was going to do the boys and girls separate but ended up doing it together and they had their own gender page.

I hope everyone has an amazing weekend!!

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