Friday, May 31, 2013


Since I first started teaching I have always had a fascination with autism.  My first year I had an amazing student in my class. He knew everything there was to know about music.  He had started playing music by ear at around 2 years old.  He could listen to a jingle on a commercial and replay it on his little piano.  He knew who wrote what song, what album it was on, when it was released etc.  He was truly an amazing guy.   Since that time, I have been intrigued to learn everything I can about autism.  I have attending most of our local conferences and thanks to my district have been able to attend a few throughout California each year.  It's fascinates me the complexity of the disorder, how each case is so much the same, but SO much different. 

Lately I have noticed a lot more emphasis has been put on by the media to help educate us on autism.  The World of Jenks is a must see show!  I have watched both seasons and just love Chad.  He made me laugh, he made me cry, he reminded me in little ways of the students that have walked through my doors in the past 10 years.  We watched him struggle in his transition into adulthood, but cheered him on along the way.  You can watch full episodes here.  I do suggest that you start from the beginning.

Just this week Katie Couric did her full show on autism.  She even had Dr. Temple Grandin on!  An AMAZING woman!

Also this week I stumbled upon a show on Discovery Health called "This is Autism". The show follows Louis Theroux as he meets 4 families with autistic children.  Oh what I would do to be able to spend a week at the school that Nicky goes to!  I know this show was on again yesterday, so hopefully you will have the opportunity to watch it.

Have you noticed an incline of education on autism lately? With 1 in 88 children being affected, seems really important that we start educating everyone.  10 years ago  most people didn't know anyone with autism.  Soon if not now, everyone will know an individual or a family that has been affected.


  1. Thanks for posting. I would love to watch those! I love Dr. Grandin. I too am fascinated with the increase in autism and would love to learn more. I have only had one student with autism in my class but have met many others and it amazes me as well the similarities and differences

  2. No problem! I just saw "This is Autism" was on again this morning so that should be an easy one to catch.


  3. It is very informative post. I have also watched that show "This is Autism". It is because of media and then TV shows that now everybody is understanding about Autism and treating the autistic children humbly. Otherwise, people used to make fun of children who were autistic. Things were lot worse before when nobody knows about Autism.

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  4. If you google Extreme Love Autism, the entire "This is Autism" show will come up.