Saturday, May 18, 2013

Child Care

Sometimes I just draw a blank when it comes to deciding what kind of worksheets I want to do.  A lot of my ideas come from fellow workers who have a particular situation that they need help with or maybe I am at a conference and someone describes a problem and "bing" my light bulb goes off.  A lot of my worksheets are written with a particular student in mind.  If Johnny has a hard time keeping his hands to himself than waa laa we get a worksheet out on how to keep our hands to ourselves!  If Brook is getting ready to open a bank account and will need to know how to use an ATM machine, we get on that right away!  (actually working on that one right now) 

I got this idea here from a teacher who asked me on TPT if I had a worksheet on Child Care.  I did not at the time, BUT... wait...wait.... NOW WE DO!  This will be a great lesson to use in my classroom too.  I can't wait!  

The suggestions are greatly appreciated, so keep them coming!  

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