Monday, August 11, 2014

Social Skills Packet

I have had numerous requests for more social skills worksheets in the past and guess what? I finally have some more to add! I don't know why but these are the worksheets that I struggle with the most. I swear by the time I'm done doing one, I have read and re-read it hundreds of times! 

These are what I have added:
Telling the Truth
Asking Appropriate Questions
Dealing With Losing
Common Courtesy
Waiting Your Turn
Friendship Boundaries

I went ahead and bound them together with the existing social skills worksheets I already have online: Interrupting, Peer Pressure, Interrupting Others, Personal Space, Self Control, Apologizing, and my 3 friend worksheets. 

I am only charging for the new worksheets but added the others you probably already have as my plan is to dissolve the individual worksheets and only offer the bundle withing a couple months.

If you have any more ideas of a social skills I have not covered please let me know. I would love to have one per week of the school year if possible. You can check out the full preview HERE.

 I hope things are running smoothly for those of you who have already gone back. I am savoring my last two days off! 



  1. Love your blog and social skills sheets. Could you share how you use these with your lower students? The information is great but there is a lot of text and small writing space, so wondered how you adapted to the variety of students you work with. Thanks, Kaye

  2. Hi Kaye, since only about half my kids are readers we do not write on every page we do. We always do our social skills at the round table (12 of us around two kidney tables pushed together) as I feel I really get their attention when we are in this close proximity and I am with them instead of them having to look up at me. We more or less use the worksheets with a lot of text as just a guideline of our lesson. I usually read, but this year I have 2 new really good readers so I let them read too. We stop constantly to talk, answer the questions, and tell stories about the topic. Though writing is good for them as well, I "lose" the majority of them to it. They get so wrapped up into writing part that they are really no longer listening to me. and some of them take forever to write just one or two words. Hope this helps, Karen