Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Making A Recipe You CAN'T Eat!

Today we practiced hands on cooking skills! And as to not break the "no edible food" rule, we made Gooey Gunk! One of my co-workers loaned me this great book that's full of ideas and recipes! We got to use measuring cups and spoons. We warmed water, practice our stirring skills and even got to knead the gunk before it was finished. I had everything all set out when the kids came back from their break. I wrote the whole recipe on the board and we went over it step by step as a class. I then sat back and let the kids make the recipe as I relayed the steps again one at a time. It was pretty cool how it all came together and it made quite a bit so each kid got to do a little of the kneading. Tons of fun! I can't wait to tackle more of them! If you go to Amazon and look up this book you will be able to find this recipe in their preview.


  1. Awesome way to "cook" and get past the stupid rules! I may have to find this book!!!

  2. I bought this one and the second one from Amazon for 2 cents! Well, and 7.98 shipping, lol. Still a good deal!

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