Thursday, June 14, 2012

Menu Math Burger King

Last school year I did a menu math packet for McDonald's.  But, for some reason last year, my students preferred Burger King.  So, this year I want to start out the first week working with this menu.  There is nothing worse than standing in line with 7 or so students who have no idea what they want to order, and when they decide, they can't afford it!

 This way we can go over the menu back at school.  They students can decide what they want to order, and what they can afford BEFORE we leave the building.  Also, most of my students have a hard time with the concept of tax.  They think if they have three dollar, they can buy three things off the dollar menu.  At least once or twice every Friday I have to pitch in for tax, but since I know before we go, I can make them work for it!  I also added a worksheet for practice.  Enjoy!


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  2. I think you have wonderful ideas!! I'm so glad I came across your blog and I just wanted to let you know I love it! Thank you! I won't be able to use these for quite a while but you've inspired me with your creativity!