Thursday, June 14, 2012

Dollar Up Method

Now, this is a concept that is new to me.  I found out last week that a colleague of mine uses this method with her class of special ed kids.  I had a OMG moment, "why hadn't I thought of this?"!.  I looked online and couldn't find much, so I made some worksheets to start the year.  Not only will this make life so much easier for my kids who STRUGGLE  with the concept of change, but hopefully it will minimize the chance of them being ripped off someday.  Now, I know this will require a lot of one dollar bills, but I am hopeful that after a while of working with the basics, we will be able to move up to dollar change.


  1. Karen!! thank you so much! I need need need these worksheets! Any other great ideas? I am just starting out here and could really use some good ideas. My kids are age 15 to 21, and many go out to work experience every day. I would love to have someone I can talk to about my class and their needs. This is a very low class, and also varied, with some kids as high as 3rd grade level, but some at about 6 mths. Varied indeed! Are you still teaching?

  2. Karen, this is a FANTASTIC resource for teachers! My co-teacher was telling me about this method and I am so happy that I more special educators are using this instead of drilling and killing counting coins! Thank you so much for taking the time to not only make these, but for sharing them with us. If you'd like to contact me about sharing ideas for our classrooms, please feel free to contact me :)

  3. Hi I started teaching this method and then thought what about if there is tax on an item and it goes to the next dollar amount? Any thoughts?

  4. Hi, when we use the worksheets we acts as if the amount we find IS the total. I have had (higher) kids in the past who we have worked on taxes with so they know that when they get to the register the amount will most likely be more. Either way, we always go back to the dollar up method to pay for our items.

  5. This is fantastic! Thank you for these awesome examples! You're right, it is hard to find hard-copy resources for money/change/etc. Thanks!

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