Friday, April 6, 2012

Using the Newspaper in the Classroom

Here are three examples of worksheets I use in my classroom to go along with the kids newspapers.  This one goes with the two pages that show what will be showing on TV this day.  My students are between K and 4th grade academic levels.  Even though a few of my students can do this on their own, most require help with this.  We either work on this in a large group or 4 smaller groups. 

My class has been doing this worksheet every Monday
morning.  They actually love and ask to do it.  They cut
and paste the picture from the newspaper to coincide
with each day of the week.  They all can do this sheet

The students enjoyed this worksheet.   I was going to try to go a little higher and have them start with a budget but thought it would be way to confusing for my lower functioning kids.  We just did this for fun!


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