Friday, April 13, 2012

Food Storage / Morning Folders

My students all arrive at different times in the morning, which makes it very difficult to teach a class before their breakfast is served.  For the past 2 year I have been having the students write a morning message, since it can be done in their own time as they arrive.  It contains the date, the weather, what we plan to do that day and than a note on what we will be doing tomorrow.  I am not sure how much my students are really gaining from this, so I have decided to put together morning notebooks for next year.  Now that I have started I see that this will be more work than I had anticipated.  Each morning should start out with the students logging the weather and temperature than doing a worksheet/activity from the folder.  Mondays they will have to log the weekly schedule into the monthly calendar which will be placed in the front of their folders.  I hope to have a quarters worth of pages ready at a time.  So far I am thinking, Mondays - newspaper skills, Wednesdays -morning warm up, (which I posted a week ago), and Fridays - money math. Now to fill in the other two days!  I will be posting things as I create!

Here is one on food storage.  I tried to pick common grocery items that our kids would have knowledge of.  Maybe Tuesdays will be food/health/nutrition?


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