Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Creating Activities

Have an extra hour of free time and a little Velcro? How about make a fun laundry sorting activity for the kids! These activities really take no time at all and can be made by anyone.

 I make all my worksheets and activities in PowerPoint. I am sure there are other programs that would be easier, but I know PP and I am a creature of habit. For this activity I found a cute basket in Google pics that I liked. I right clicked on the image, and clicked "save". Then went to my PP slide, right clicked again and clicked "paste" onto each of the three pages I had started. I added the words (whites, lights, and darks) by adding a text box, then went to work finding laundry and followed the same procedure of copying and pasting onto an additional 4th page. I printed out all 4 pages, laminated the three with the baskets, cut out all the clothes on the 4th page, laminated them, then cut them out again. Added a bit of Velcro and waaaalaaaa my activity was complete!

I plan to add this to my activity box collection (as soon as a buy a new box) and I think the kids are going to love it. I hope it inspires you to make one of your own for your class.



  1. Is this activity available on your TPT page? TIA

  2. What is your activity box? How is it set up?

  3. If you go to the right side of the page you can do a search. I have done multiple posts on them. You could get more of an idea of what they are that way. Basically, I have about 40 boxes that each hold an activity. There include money boxes, cutting, sorting, folding, rolling silverware, wrapping boxes, and salt and pepper filling to name a few.

    1. Oh ok. So it is like a task box. I see now, I do have those. Thank you