Thursday, January 7, 2016

Born This Way - TV Show

Happy New Year!!!! I am soooo happy to be back to work. I really do miss my kids when we are off on breaks and am always so excited to hear about what they did when we were apart! 

Has anyone else been watching this series, Born This Way, at school with their students? We have been watching it in our classroom each week. My kids (and staff) just LOVE it!! A couple of them have started watching it at home with their parents which is an extra bonus. I even love the commercials (surprisingly) since it gives us a few minutes to discuss what is happening. Well except for today, when I couldn't seem to hit the "mute" button before it said "if your having a hard time getting an erection" every flipping time! I mean seriously, who pairs a show about special ed kids with a Viagra commercial? 

We were a couple weeks behind because of the break and my plan was to keep up behind and continue watching one a week, be I was outnumbered and we ended up watching three this week to catch us up! But anyway, we are learning so much. First kisses, getting a job, finding independence, how to get a girlfriend/boyfriend (the right way), boundaries and so much more! We discuss things they do wrong, and the things they do right. 

You can watch them online the day after they air on TV. I put the link below for you if your interested. I hope you get the chance to check it out!

*** Update*** It says episode 1 is only available for 4 more days so you better start them asap!

Update 2 - You can now buy individual episodes to watch through Amazon for 1.99 (2.99 HD) each. I'll update again when it comes out on DVD.

Born This Way

fyi - A couple of the boys drink beer on a couple of occasions, socially and no one gets drunk. They are all over 21. One of the boys makes a comment on one of the episodes about needing to get "layed". Not sure if those are the exact word he used but close. My kids didn't get it. You may want to watch them first if you think you might have an issue with parents or to know what scenes to skip.


  1. Hi Karen! I love your blog & your Teachers Pay Teachers store! I teach Life Skills to students in Special Education grades 9-12th and beyond! :) I use so many of your amazing ideas! I REALLY want to watch the Born this Way series with the kids but when I clicked your link, it says I need some kind of a code to unlock the episodes through A&E. Am I doing something wrong? Is there a way to watch this somewhere else that doesn't require that log-in through your cable provider? Just curious. Thank you! :)

    1. I don't know? I clicked on it and it took me to the page? Here is the website. I don't have to log into it from home or at work so I'm not sure. Let's see if anyone else has a problem.

    2. Maybe just try scrolling down and clicking on episode 1?

    3. I tried and it keeps requiring I register with a cable provider. :(

    4. I figured it out. The first 2 episodes are locked, but we will be able to watch the others. Thanks again for your help and your resources! :)

  2. We watch this show every week in our Relationships class. It has started so many wonderful conversations and has given some hope to some of my families. It is on my recommended watch list for parents, too. You can also follow Sean's mom on Facebook and she loves to hear comments from viewers (especially students).

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