Sunday, June 21, 2015

Movie Trailer Monday!!!

 We are down to the last 5 days of ESY!! I found out last Wednesday that I will be moving into a new classrooms next year. So, not only am I having to pack up my house, I am also having to pack up my classroom. And to make matters worse, the air conditioner went out last Thursday so by 9 a.m. it hits about 85 degrees in the room and 
we have to vacate to a cooler classroom for the rest of the day. I'm hoping it gets fixed as soon as possible so I can stay late a couple days and get it finished. Friday we will be at another school for graduation, so I really only have 4 more days to get it done. I'm trying my best to pitch a few things that I no longer use. I tend to "hoard" things at school "just in case" I might NEED it again. It's funny, at home I don't keep anything. I try to live as simple as possible and have no problem dropping things off at Goodwill if I stop using it. Unfortunately, my classroom has a whole separate list of rules.
A few months ago one of my kids was talking about a new movie that was coming out. So, we went to Youtube and checked out the trailer. While we were there we went ahead and watched a few more. The kids were totally into it! From that day on we now enjoy "Movie Trailer Monday's" every week. 
After my kids come back from lunch, they have about a half hour of free time. They can play games with staff, use the ipad or computer, read books, draw or just hang out outside with their friends. Then we come back for our final class of the day before our day ends. On Mondays, we meet back ten minutes earlier now to watch the trailers.

 We do three trailers each week, and even though I take requests, which I add to my list, I like to make it a surprise which ones I will show that particular day. After each trailer we have a little discussion and ask who thinks they would be interested in seeing that movie and who thinks they wouldn't be. I only show them movies that have a G or PG rating as I don't want parents upset that now their kid begs to see a movie they deem inappropriate.
Tomorrow will be our last showing of the year. We are going to see "The Secret Life Of Pets", "Daddy's Home", and "Born In China".
This has been such a fun thing for all of us, that I am going to continue it in the fall. The kids look forward to it and I get multiple reminders every Monday so that I don't forget! And, we have so many left on our list that we want to see!



  1. What a neat idea! This would be a great way to introduce some of my kids who get hooked on a particular movie/character to something new! Thanks for the tip:-)

  2. You're welcome. My kids really look forward to it. Who would have known, lol!