Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Circles Activity

Summer school (ESY) is in full swing. 12 days down 8 to go! So much has been going on in the last two weeks. I sold my house and bought a new one (which really is a very old one). I have to be out of the house I live in now by July 8th which just so happens be day 3 of my out of town vacation so I will have to move out 4th of July weekend instead. The new house doesn't close escrow until the 22nd of July which leaves me homeless for about a week when I get back. Luckily I have great friends who are willing to house me and my dogs until the new house closes, is repainted inside, and the new floors put down! I will be off work until August 19th, so will have plenty of time to put everything back together and get unpacked before the new school year starts. I guarantee you it's going to go FAST!

I wanted to post this Circles activity I did with the kids last week. Each day we worked on two circles starting with Strangers and moving to the smallest circle being "me". We talked about each one and the kids wrote a small definition and added 5 people that would fit into each category inside the circle. Then they cut each of them out and we moved on to the next circle. When they were complete we stacked them and stapled them along the top. 

I really enjoyed doing these with them and it really kept their attention. There was great conversation, writing, cutting, and a bit of role play. I have the template of the circles if you're interesting in doing it with your kids. Just shoot me and email (empoweredbythem@aol.com) and I will get it to you.

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  1. Hello! I tried to send an email but it wouldn't go thru.. may I have a copy of the circles activity template?


  2. I would like a copy of the circles template, please.

  3. I would like a copy please. Thanks.

  4. I would like a copy of the circles template, please. pereztyburski@gmail.com

  5. Is it possible to also have a copy of the template?

  6. Is it possible to get a copy of the template?
    Thank you in advanced.

  7. May I have a copy of the template please aevans485@gmail.com. Thank you very much