Monday, February 23, 2015

Cooking Eggs, 5 Ways!

I haven't done any real cooking with the kids due to the new rules laid out for us at the beginning of this year. Last week during a conversation about table manners and the importance of thanking the person that cooks for you, I noticed that even though I have had parents telling me their kids help cook at home, according to me kids, and what they know, they do not appear to at all. Another reason why I wish I could continue the cooking classes we used to have. 

So today I taught a cooking class. I didn't allow them to help, they sat in a semi-circle in front of me and we talked about what I was doing in each step. We would also pause to write the steps on the board. First we hard boiled, then fried, then scrambled, we made a cheese omelet, then made deviled eggs with the eggs we had hard boiled. You will have to forgive my omelet, I am totally out of practice and it probably could have used another egg for the size pan I had as there was NO flipping that thing!

We have been watching Youtube videos of people cooking all year when I find a good one that's appropriate. This was so much better as they were right up in there and we could talk about each step and they could ask questions.  Luckily no one even asked to try anything which made it a lot easier for me to not have to say no. Apparently eggs are not a hot ticket item with my kids. Oh, and my two female aides guessed 20 and 30 minutes on how long to boil an egg!!!! One said she was even going to go home tonight and do it for 3 minutes to see for herself, lol.

Now, I am going to ask this which I know is going to make me so jealous, but.... Do you do cooking classes with your kids at school? Do they/you have a favorite thing to cook?

FYI... I put a bulletin board up in the kids lunch room today that count's down the days left of school this year, and guess what?  We have 60 more days!!!!

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  1. I loved this idea and will have to try it. We have a few dietary restrictions this year with students that have curtailed my cooking efforts : no gluten, dairy, sugar. But we can do eggs. Yes, we are allowed to cook as often as we like. We have no restrictions on anything as far as cooking or going out into the community for life skills. In fact, no one pays any attention at all to what we do day in and out, as long as parents are happy and the students act ok, which I'm happy with :).

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  3. We attempt to cook once a week, mostly on Friday's. I try to rotate what 'appliances' we use each week: Microwave, toaster, toaster oven, oven, (rarely the stove based on my students level). I usually provide at 3-5 step adapted picture recipe, and try to keep it to recipes of simple snacks and meals they will actually be able to prepare independently with minimal adult supervision---after all, that is the goal, right? :)
    Some of their favorite things have been: The mini english muffin pizzas, canned items (like, cinnamon rolls, canned biscuits), sometimes we keep it simple like frozen waffles where they just pop in toaster. On a CBI trip to grocery store, they were each allowed to pick and purchase their own frozen microwave meal (like a lean cuisine), and that Friday they each practiced reading the directions and using the microwave. :) I'd be happy to share anything. U have my email!

  4. Love all those ideas!!! I can totally see how all your restrictions can making cooking hard Jannike!! What fun to get to cook weekly Emily. LOVE the microwave meal idea! They all should know how to use the microwave. I did find out yesterday at my PLC meeting that we CAN now cook in class as long as it is part of a lesson and that it not be a meal but a "sample" that they can actually eat. I'll take that! They did take out our oven and microwaves, but I still have my burner, a griddle and a waffle maker!!

  5. We also cook weekly. We cook a snack at school every other week, and on the weeks in between we go to our local agency for people with disabilities. They have a room in the basement with a full kitchen, and we cook an entire meal (entree, side dish, vegetable, fruit, dessert) each week. We offer holiday baking for our families, friends, and school staff for fundraising during December. Last November, we made a Thanksgiving dinner for our job coaches, speech paths, administrators, etc to thank them for all that they do for us. We had 28 people! We've been very lucky to have a supportive administration and very few guidelines about what we can do. I can relate to Jannike's comment about no one paying attention to what we do on a daily basis as long as parents are happy and students are learning!

  6. Wow Bethany that is great that you have found a place to cook, i'm going to have to look into that here. I really miss this part of my job. We used to run under the radar as well but a few admin issues last year within special ed really screwed things up for US. Seems as if some of the wrinkles are smoothing out so we are all just being patient. Loved all your ideas, might borrow a few if you don't mind!

  7. We cook twice a week and it's usually at lunchtime so they can eat what is cooked. Like Bethany we also cook a holiday meal (early December) for admin and parents to show their cooking skills and thank them for the support. I just found your blog so I'm going to read back on your new rules and why no cooking. It's a necessity, in my opinion, for all 18+ programs.