Thursday, February 19, 2015

Baggie Money Count

We do some sort of money lesson each week, and they can get so mundane at times.  Now that we are 3/4 of the way through the year I find myself searching for new fun ways to deliver the skill. Today during my lunch, I was racking my brain on what money lesson I was going to do with them this afternoon. A worksheet, money games, something on the projector, small groups??? My money eggs came to mind as the kids really enjoy doing that activity box. It just so happened that a co-worker had borrowed some of my sandwich bags earlier in the day and when I saw them sitting on the cabinet I thought "money bags". I spend the next 10 minutes numbering and filling 20 baggies for our lesson! 

Here's how afternoon class works in my room. When the kids come back from lunch, I give them about 20 minutes of free time to finish up anything from the morning that wasn't completed or to just hang out with their classmates and draw or play games with my support staff. At the end of 20 minutes I play one song for my girl (if she hasn't lied). This song is kind of like our "time to clean up" song. Then I play one song for my boy who knows EVERYTHING about music. He actually gives me his list Monday mornings for the whole week. When it's time for his song to play I inform the kids how much time they have until the song ends, and everyone knows, they need to be seated and ready for class at the round table by the time the song is over. It's almost like a game, but it works!

Ok, back to the money bags. I handed each students a lined piece of paper and had them write their name and number they paper 1 - 20. The bags then got dispersed around the table and they were to open a bag, count the money, write the answer on their paper that matched the number on the bag, put the money back in the bag, and pass the bag clockwise. I had one aide sitting between two boys that required a little help and another aide that worked with two boys and they counted together with her as they require more assistance. It took about 40 minutes for most of them to complete the lesson. I was surprised that they stayed incredibly engaged the whole time as well. Sometimes it's hit or miss, but this was definitely a hit! Now to start thinking about what to do next week!

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  1. I love this activity! It can also be played like Scoot-place money bags around the room, students move around to each bag and record the amount by the bag number on their paper. This allows for those who need more time to count their bags of money, and also allows for differentiation-just mark which bags or how many bags certain students must count.