Thursday, January 22, 2015

Restaurant Menu Activity

Everyone in my class is always on the lookout for "free" resources we can use in our room. Tuesday, one of my support staff brought me a class supply of Denny's To Go menus (don't worry, she asked). These are pretty high quality, quad fold, color menus and I was ecstatic! I immediately got to work putting together this worksheet.

Today, each student was handed the new worksheet, a menu and each group of two (we worked with our buddies) were given a tip and tax form. The students picked and added their own items to the order form for each of the four meals it asked for and determined their subtotal. We then worked together in our table groups figuring out their tax, as it is kind of new to most of them this year. After adding in their tax, they figured out how much tip they should leave then added it all together to get the total they would owe.

My kids really enjoy these kind of lessons. After today I plan to make a couple more worksheets that will require them to find different things on the menu and put them into an activity box for them to do during their free time. I am pretty sure after watching them today, that it will be a hit! 

These menu's are actually something I would have probably paid for had I found them in a catalog. So, don't forget, there are free resources all around you that can easily be incorporated into a lesson. Be on the lookout!


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  2. Love this, thank you for sharing.