Saturday, November 8, 2014

Life Skills - Planning A Party

We had a student in class last month that was planning a party for her birthday and wanted to invite her classmates. I had talked to her mom, who was pretty open about it, and I told her we would talk about it during class.  That night I decided to put together a little one page (which turned into two page) worksheet to help give her and any other of my kids who may plan a party someday some suggestions. The kids got really into this and were great in coming up with ideas. This also reminded me about a student I had a few years ago who had offered her home to another student to hold her birthday party at. They planned it and even sent out invitations to many other kids in our program before I caught wind of their plan. I called the mom who's home was hosting the party to make sure she was ok with this, and guess what? she didn't even know about it. We ended up having to inform all the invitees that the party was a no go and had a big lesson on asking permission!
You can pick yourself up a copy HERE


  1. Hi, Karen,

    I just stumbled across your blog and I LOVE everything you've posted! I am currently an undergrad student and will graduate next month as a special education teacher. My dream job is to work as a vocational teacher for high school students--so I may be visiting your page again in the future for ideas!! Thanks for sharing them :)

    Take care,

  2. Thank you Ruth. I hope you come back again soon!

  3. We got married at my parents' home on top of a mountain, and the logistics, particularly the puzzle of shuttling vendors and guests up and down a one-lane mountain road, were handled effortlessly by my event coordinator.

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