Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Life Cycles

I was looking for a worksheet for the kids to do about planets last month and found one where they could cut and paste them to a timeline. I am not sure where I found it, but the quality was terrible and it looked as if it was a copy of a copy. So, I just went ahead and made one. This then led to someone asking if I could make one for a frog life cycle which then lead to a request for the butterfly life cycle which then lead to someone requesting one on a pumpkins life cycle! Thank goodness it was super easy to change them. These were very easy to make and although we have only done the planet one in my classroom, I am sure the others are just as fun!


  1. Just wondering- Do you use a special program to create all of your worksheets? I have tried using Microsoft Word but mine do not turn out as cute and fancy as yours do :)

  2. Nice! Are these available on your Tpt store?