Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Grocery Store Ads

I grabbed a dozen grocery store ads yesterday while I was shopping and put together this fun little cut & paste worksheet for my kids.  If you go to the ad on-line and click on any picture you can copy and paste it onto your document. There are so many activities that can come out of using the ads.  Ads from store like Target and Walmart are great as well. I have had my kids come up with a menu for a day using the ads, we have done scavenger hunts inside the ad, and also have had them shop for a week allowing them a certain amount of money to use.  You can also use the ads to find words that start with each letter of the alphabet or even money lessons! Endless possibilities. 

            Even better, they are FREE!


  1. HI Karen,

    Love your ad activity. Just a quick question. What did you have the students put in the paste column on the worksheet? The printed price, the picture of the item? LOVE your site. Found you from Christine Reeve's reference.

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    1. Hi Kyrstyn, I had them paste the picture from the store ad.