Monday, August 5, 2013

Temple Grandin

As many of you know (or maybe not) I have always had this huge fascination with autism. I have been to many conferences over the years and love all the information they have to offer.  I am super excited this upcoming weekend to have the opportunity to hear Temple Grandin speak IN PERSON!  I have watched her movie, read her book and have seen her speak on varies talk shows and documentaries, but to be in the same room as her will be such an honor.  Who better to get information on autism from, than someone who has autism.  Right?

This school year I will be adding 3 incoming students to my class.  All boys, all with autism.  I figure the more I know, the better equipped I am to be the teacher they deserve. So here's to hoping I learn many new things this weekend!

Here is a link to the conference (it's in Pasadena Ca) if anyone wants to make some last minute plans.  It looks like it's going to be a good one!


  1. So how did it go? I have also seen her in person and I have several of her books. I lived in Boulder, CO for 10 years and she works and lives in Fort Collins' Co, just 45 minutes away from Boulder. As a result, she would often speak to the autism groups in the area and I had several opportunities to hear her speak. She has done a lot to bring forth issues in autism and is a wonderful advocate for others on the spectrum. Good luck with your new students!

  2. Thanks Jannike! I could listen to her talk all day. She was very informative and I loved seeing the slides of her brain compared to a typical brain. I would go see her again if I ever get the chance!