Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Activity Box Contents

I started back to work yesterday calling my parents and adding a few fun things to the walls.  I have so many great things I am going to be doing with my kids this year I can hardly wait!  I had a request from a couple people wanting to know what the contents of my activity boxes were, so I took some pictures to show you.  Currently we have 22 activity boxes on our shelves. If you have any questions about a box just leave me a comment and I will get back to you.  A few of these items I found on Pinterest and I'm sure I can find the links if you need them.
L - R *Students have to separate money by denomination, tall the amount of each coin, write the amount of money they have of each coin, then graph each coin.  *Pattern Blocks - especially loved by my autistic students * For each number on the card the students have to add that many mini clothespins. * Sorting by colors into the corresponding bowls.
L - R * Make each pattern using the blocks * Link the amount of clips to each number so they match * Stamping out their personal info * 100 chart (my higher kids use the other side that doesn't have the numbers
L - R * Money eggs - open each egg, add up the amount of coins and write it on the corresponding number on their answer page * Playdough measuring - Students roll playdough into snake like figures to match the measurement shown on each card * Roll two dice add the numbers of each dice to the worksheet and add * Dice in Dice - Roll two dice, use the outside number first and write that amount on the first line, do the same for the second dice, then add the amounts.
L - R *Place the proper nut onto each bolt sort into buckets (not shown) * Make a clock - students much add numbers, cut, out clock and hands, punch holes and put together * Roll 1 dice in dice, use the outside number than the inside number to get your total.  Then do 10 more and ten less of that number * Students must weigh each of the items on their worksheet (lbs and oz) for example, 3 books, 10 markers, then find three more things they want to measure and add those to their answer sheet as well.
L - R * Geoboards- follow the patterns on the laminated cards to make a matching pattern.  * Students put their color blocks randomly on the card.  Taking turns, roll 2 dice and if one of the numbers matches a number you have a block on you can remove 1 block from that number * Counting Coins - there are 5  cards up to 41 - 50 place the amount of money asked for in the row provided * Match the time on each block to the time on the sheet.
L - R * students need to add the proper amount of each item into each first aid kit according to the paper.  * Peg blocks. - for my lower kids I may only bring out one box and pegs, my higher kids like to bring them all out and see who can do it the fastest.


  1. You have some GREAT ideas here! Can't wait to get to school tomorrow and put some of these together!!

  2. These are GREAT! Could you included a list with a brief synopsis of what is in each box? Some are more obvious than others, but I'd love to know how you use the materials. Thanks!

  3. Thanks for stopping by! I added a small definition under each group. Let me know if you need more.

    1. Thank you so much! This is very helpful!

  4. Some of these I have already but others I don't and will be making them in the next couple of weeks. Such great ideas! Where did you get the visuals for the lego blocks and the geoboard? Thanks so much for sharing!

    Jannike Johnsen

  5. here is the link to the lego activity. I made the geoboard cards, I will email them to you.


  6. I take that back, I can't find your email, lol. Email me at Empoweredbythem@aol.com and I will sent it to you!


  7. Hi Karen, is it possible to get the printables for the activities?

  8. Hi G, you can find most of the links here: http://www.pinterest.com/ebythem/activity-boxes/ . A couple of them are mine like the stamping and a few of the money ones. If you email me I can send them to you. Empoweredbythem@aol.com

  9. Where did you get the personal first aid kits?

  10. A friend is a rep for them and asked her boss if she could have some for my class!