Saturday, February 2, 2013

A Visit to the Dr. & Dentist

Here is a little look at my classrooms afternoon schedule. I teach an afternoon class each day from 1 - 1:30.  Here is the schedule I follow most weeks.

Monday - Social Skills
Tuesday - Computer Lab
Wednesday - Life Skills
Thursday - $ Skills
Friday - Fun Work

I am still in the process of putting together a full years worth of curriculum!  This is my 3rd year working in the program I am in and I really hope by the end of this summer to have everything in order and ready to go for future years.  My fingers are crossed!  Here is a couple worksheets I put together this week to go in my life skills folder.  Fortunately I am a talker and can make any one page worksheet last at least a half hour.  I love getting the kids involved in in the curriculum.  They love telling stories and they love role play.  Again, they are mostly non readers, so I use these worksheets more as a guideline.  I do have them copy from the board, the answers.  Hope you can use this.



  1. Hey Karen I love your site. I need some help. I just fell into a position teaching a high school life skills class and I am at a loss with no funds and a huge academic range. My instructional assistants are not as adapting and I need structure. Please guide me

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