Saturday, August 8, 2015

GPS For Our Kids

I have sooooo many things I want to tell you that I learned at the conference I just attended!! But, before I get to all my notes and try to rewrite everything to where it makes sense to you, I wanted to ask you about this device that a mom talked about today right before the conference ended. The topic was about safety and our autistic children. A mother raised her hand and told us about this arm band called a GizmoPal she uses with her son. It's from Verizon and costs about 75 dollars with a 5 dollar monthly fee. It can call two preset numbers with one touch and receive calls from those same two numbers. You can also set it to auto answer which means if the child doesn't answer it within 10 rings it will automatically answer. Now for the best part.... it has GPS on it!!! 

So I'm curious, do you know any kids who are using these? Any that could benefit from it. Pros, cons? I think the GPS is great. I assume the student would have to be above a certain level to understand that you can't be calling mommy and daddy all day long.

Let's chat....


  1. Wow! What a neat concept that could provide some very serious peace of mind! Kudos to Verizon for making it an affordable option:-) I could see this being a fantastic option for field trips and family vacations, one of those things that you hope will never be necessary (but would be 100% worth it if it ever was)! Thanks for sharing. I'll be passing this info along:-)


  2. I completely agree with you!

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