Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Microwave, Stove & Oven Practice

 Is everyone enjoying their Easter break? I am halfway through mine and really really enjoying the time off! 

I got an email last week from someone wanting to know if I had any worksheets on using a microwave, which I did not. So, this weekend I put together a fun little cut and paste one for her. Then I thought, "why not add one of using the oven"? Which then turned into "might as well do one on using the stove". Each of these worksheets are cut and paste. I also made each one into a worksheet with the answers on another page so they can be made into work tasks that can be laminated with Velcro attached. I did add another row of questions to make up for the space at the bottom of those sheets. 

The directions on the microwave sheet are the actual directions from each products. I also tried to use a variety of cooking terms on the others (saute, broil, bake, preheat, simmer, fry etc) so you're kinda getting two lessons in one :-) Once the dials are cut they have to be glued/velcro in the circle turning it so the correct temp is on the line at the top. I did use gas and electric nobs on the stove worksheet so the kids will know there is more than one option. 

Hope these are helpful for your kids! Enjoy your time off, it will be over before we know it. You can find the worksheets HERE.

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  1. These look terrific! How can I download/buy them?