Friday, July 11, 2014


 All of my kids struggle with idioms. I like to use them in my classroom because in real life they are going to hear them and I would rather them know what they mean instead of them having that confused look on their face. I finally finished this idiom project I have been working on for MONTHS! 
 I consulted with my fellow teachers and we tried to come up with the most used idioms our kids might hear. If you think of one that really needs to be on here, shoot me an email and I can add it. When I started out I was thinking maybe doing 10, but it kept building!

 I think that 30 of them will be overwhelming all at once, so I will probably do 5 a week for 6 weeks (or more depending on how they do), reviewing the previous ones before introducing new ones. After each picture there is a page that (very basically) explains what the idiom means. 

"To be very sick", "You have my full attention", "When everyone is facing the same challenge". I hope you can use these in your classroom and that they make idioms a little easier for your kids to understand.

You can find this product HERE


  1. My kids struggle with this too! Thanks for the awesome resource. When my kids would have an awesome story to tell, at the end of their story I would say, "No way Jose!" They would cock their head and say, "I'm not Jose!" :) I think by the end of the year they understood, but I'm sure coming back in August they will think I'm crazy again and calling them the wrong name.

    Miss, Hey Miss

  2. lol, don't you just love them!