Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Live Butterfly Garden

A few weeks ago we took a field trip with the kids to the Insect Lore Bug Museum in Shafter, Ca.  It's a great outing and the kids always have a good time.  It's one large room but has all kinds of bugs that the kids can see!  The tour guide even takes many of them out of the cages for the students to "pet" and look at more closely. This year I decided to buy a butterfly garden so the kids could see the butterfly life cycle.  For about 30 bucks we got this cool meshed container and 10 little tiny baby caterpillars. My kids really haven't seemed to have much interest in them during their caterpillar or chrysalis stage but yesterday they started hatching!  

Omg is was sooooo exciting.  I will admit, me and my aides were much more excited than the kids (still) and I could have sat and watched them all day.  I swear I had a proud mommy moment every time one of them broke out of their shell.  So, now we have 10 amazing Painted Lady butterflies who are raring to get out and explore the world!  Tomorrow we are going to take a short walk and let our little friends go.  I read their life cycle is only 2 weeks, so I want them to have as much time as possible exploring the world.  Here is the link to the bug museum.  They actually ship the tiny little caterpillars all over the country.

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