Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Sorting Activity Boxes

I wanted to post some pictures of some of the activity boxes we use in my room.  Box 1 - This box seems to be one that everyone enjoys.  I even have students from other rooms come borrow this box.  It is VERY easy for most of my kids, but some have to try harder.  Basically it is just putting the right token into the correct color bowl.
Box 2 - This is a new box that I put together a few weeks ago.  A friend gave me these cute first aide boxes.  I emptied the contents of each box, took a picture of each item and have the students refill each box.  They have a laminated guide that shows each item, how many of each item to put in each kit and in what order.  So far only two kids have tried it, but both did very well.  (the contents are all different kinds of bandages)
Box 3 - My grandfather recently passed away and when I went to his house to help clean it out I found all these great nuts and bolts.  There are 10 of each size and 6 different sizes.  The kids have to find the proper nut and screw, put them together, and separate them into sizes in the bins.  One of my autistic students has picked it as his activity two days in a row!  I will try to post more soon.


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  2. Thanks Christine! I wasn't sure I knew how to link up, but it was pretty easy, lol. I decided I need to socialize more! Maybe I should try a linky party someday!


  3. Love using sorting activities like this! The band-aid boxes were an awesome idea!

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  4. So you allow your students to choose their boxes? Do you keep data on their progress?

  5. Inside of my students morning folders is a checklist of pretty much everything I have on my shelves including games and puzzles. When they have free time they pick something off their list that they have not done. A few of my autistic boys would pick the same thing everyday so we had to do it this way. I have my aides (or me) give them maybe 3 to choose from and let them decide what they want to do and mark it off their list when they complete it.