Monday, March 4, 2013

Activity Boxes

Here is a picture of my boxes I use during down times and free time in my classroom.  Most every idea in them came from Pinterest!  4 of the boxes contain money skills activities.  Others include making patterns, sorting, stamping, counting, number activities, dice games, shapes, time etc.    We started this year with only ten and have continued throughout the year to add the rest.  I have had to change out some of the original ones that my kids didn't find as entertaining as others.  I am sure I will keep adding as time goes by!


  1. These are awesome! I love work tasks and am so excited to find examples of them on Pinterest! I also love the focus on older students of your blog.

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  2. Thanks Chris for stopping by! One of these days I will post what is in each of the boxes!!

  3. Good activity boxes. I like this information.

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  4. Yes, please post what is in the boxes! Looking for ideas.