Sunday, November 18, 2012

Curriculum 2

 I am still waiting the return of my laptop.  It has been a very long time!  I tried and tried to find someone who could remove all of my worksheets and things I have purchased like fonts and clipart but it just wasn't meant to be.  I should be getting a new computer in the next week.  Thank goodness for warranties! 

I wanted to share with you the books we are using this quarter in my classroom.  Last quarter I made student copies of each book and put them in folders.  Since most of my students are non readers, I pretty much found that they were not following along at all, so this time I did not make additional copies. 
So far I am loving both of these books!  Just like the last books we used, we read one chapter once a week from each book.  I only have 11 students right now, so I love to have them all pull their chairs up to one table.  They are so attentive while I am reading and love to tell stories about things in the book that apply to their lives and experiences.

I would highly recommend both of these books! 


  1. Hi Karen! I'm a special ed teacher in texas, and I recently found your blog! I am sooooo excited to read through all of your posts for some great ideas!
    Quick question: how exactly are you utilizing these books with your students? Do the books give suggestions for supporting activities, or do you come up with activities or worksheets to support each chapter? Are you having to adapt the book/materials for lower functioning kiddos?

  2. Hi! Thanks for stopping by! The books do not have activities in them. I read each book, one chapter a week. I read them pretty much word for word but like to let the kids give me the answers before I read them in the book (what is anger? what are the signs of anger, have you ever been angry? how did you feel). It's purely a discussion group on these days. I try not to do to many activities that require worksheets in my afternoon classes, we do them every morning in our workbooks. My students get so overwhelmed with writing and trying to read ahead with worksheets that I don't feel like they are actually listing to the lesson. So even though they may be answering a question on paper I am not 100 percent sure they even know what the question was. They also love role playing, and these books are great for ideas. Hope that answered your question.