Saturday, May 5, 2012

Pet Care

Since I started working in my current classroom, I have been making worksheets here and there and pulling from wherever I can for ones to fill in.  Each year (3) has gotten smoother and more organized, but next year I want to have everything in 3 ring folders, ready for the students to grab for that class.  So, my goal is to have 4 folders per student.   Folder #1 Morning Warm up folder- I started this one at the end of this year.  My students arrive at different times in the morning within a 30 minute time frame.  They grab their "yellow" folders on their way in and sit down and start working.  We write a morning message, log the temperature and weather from our newspapers and than do a worksheet inside the folder.  These worksheets require a little help and mostly contain subjects the students are familiar with (time, calendar skills, market/restaurant math, newspaper skills, money etc).  So far it's been working out great. Let me also say that I have 4 amazing aides in my classroom that help me accomplish this! My other 3 folders will be, social skills, money/math, and life skills.   I teach each one of these subject once a week so I will need roughly 37 - 45 minute lessons in each of the folders.  Time to get working!  Here is a lesson I did on pet care.  This will be added to my life skills curriculum.


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